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She truly does enjoy Annie's Homegrown macaroni as well as cheese, especially the Shells & & White Cheddar variety.

Food is so politicized currently, which could make a simple journey to the establishment a real burden.

Sara Bir is Paste's food publisher. They add levity to the hefty activity of obtaining grocery stores, as well as giving us precious moments of clearness ... as in, "no way I'm gon na obtain that crap.". Is that can of tomatoes lined with BPA? Is it much better to purchase natural apples from New Zealand or pesticide-drenched traditional ones from the UNITED STATE? Is it bad to still get Annie's Homegrown macaroni and cheese when its father and mother company is now General Mills?

Many of these concerns do not have a one-size-fits-all answer, which is why it could in some cases be delightful to run throughout food things that prompt an instant pavlovian response: "Man, that food is effed up." We want to give thanks to these foods for existing, even though they have no rational need to whatsoever

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